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CLX 3175

impressão de folha de teste
nicinacnoo : Can this printer print automatically on both sides
Prem Sankar : Bro I have this same but hav an issue help plz

clp-315,320,clx-3175,3185 계열 정착기 교체방법

how to exchange the fuser unit from Samsung clp-315,320,clx-3175,3185 printers
Kubera : Great, I highly appreciate this tutorial
lps leipzig : Thank you for that very professional tutorial. The english title for that video would be

"how to exchange the fuser unit from Samsung clp-315,320,clx-3175,3185 printers".

Hope you can provide more nice tutorials.

Greetings from Germany :-)
Damien O'Brien : Thank you <3
Jess Riegel : thank yoU! <3
최은우 : 오늘..소모품 구매했네요..ㅋ

How to Fix Ghosting Printing on a Samsung CLX-3175 (and many others) • ITB Repair/Replacement!

In this video, I'll perform a repair on a Samsung CLX-3175. The process is very similar if not identical to other models such as the CLP-310, CLP-315, CLP-320, CLP-325, CLX-3170, CLX-3180, and CLX-3185.

The ghosting repair involves a fix on the ITB (Imaging Transfer Belt).
I'm going to show you an easy but more expensive fix (replace the whole ITB) and a cheaper but more difficult fix (replace only the cleaning blade inside the ITB).

If you would like to try replacing the cleaning blade inside the ITB, here you can find the ↓ Tools and things needed ↓
- Phillips Screwdriver
- Spring hook (Not necessary but suggested)
- Cleaning Blade

I would like to thank so much once again HowImetYourCat for giving me this little tripod I used to record the repair on the ITB!

If you have any questions about the repair, feel free to leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as possible!

100% not requested and totally up to you, but if I've made you save some money fixing your own printer, or you'd like to support my channel in general you could consider donating any amount you want here: Thank you so much in any case.
@dogphlap6749 : Thank you ADCSFXworks Printing Center. I fixed my printer using this video. I found it more difficult than I thought I would. I may have had the new part rotated 180 degrees but whatever the problem was I fixed it in the end. It now prints perfectly. I most certainly could not have done this without you showing the way.
@ZR0able : Thank you for your video and explanation. It really helped me ! Best wishes and thank you
@daJackAtHome : Ciao Paolo, Thanks for the video! Great help! Prevented me from dumping my old printer.
@wandaroberts1016 : great video very informative really appreciate your sharing of knowledge.
@dogphlap6749 : +ADCSFXworks Printing Center Thank you so much for this video. I shall order a couple of blades and attempt this repair on my printer. You sir are a god among men.




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