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thru the city - dvr

bandcamp -

out now on all major streaming platforms!!

spotify -
apple music -

instagram -
twitter -
Brandon Cash : Brian McKnight "Find Myself In You" sample or nah?
Austin Cole : This is amazing man. Needed that, refreshing
I’m hungry : Mad underrated bro❤️
Inayahイナヤ : I'm glad snap showed me this song :)
Cathrine äh. :

dvr - Tape_01 (Full EP)

1. Lonely - 0:00
2. Muscles - 2:20
3. Am Sleep - 5:00
4. Wys - 8:12
5. Turpentine - 11:27
Evero : So fucking dope man
Leaphar : This good
Anastasia Pandora :
Roger Marks : This the kid who got kennybeats to work on his song ? Shit is crazy man.

Kenny Beats x DVR (New Release)

My Music -
Dvr Apple Music -
Kenny Beats Twitch -
Zane Lovato : cant wait for this song to release
Sodie Popz : Damn he went in
Dylan Napier : what a waste of kenny beats time, bro could be making bangers but he is making this trash
yummdiddy : This dude sounds like scottish russ
Fandom of the Opera : do u know artists with similar voice or flow? i want to keep listening. to this type of music, and waiting for this release. !




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