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Eaten Alive: This Title is Accurate

We're headed back to the jungle in today's installment of Sick Flicks as we tackle Umberto Lenzi's Eaten Alive!

Released in 1980, his one has it all -- Robert Kerman back in the jungle, Lenzi doing a test run before Cannibal Ferox, cannibal film queen Me Me Lai, a deadly cult, jungle savages, and the first Sick Flicks appearance of Ivan Rassimov!

Can this one earn Lenzi another 5 barf bag rating? We'll find out.

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paul coy : People in New York attacked by South American natives? So, stolen from "Doc Savage"?
camero26 : Okay. "Budget Xander Berkeley" made me literally laugh out loud. GREAT obscure reference.
Barot8 : "I've got prizes if you're right!" loool Slow jam down the river... to Kenny G.
corey sudol : Before I could get my hands on bootlegs I would read synopsis' about the blowgun assassin, the Jim Jones type, and all. This movie always sounded so good on paper.
June Robinson : Must be a dope addict! I love it!

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Necla Konak : I appreciate all your lessons thanks
Laura Leutprecht Peres : Is there someone interested in talking in English with me? ☺️
My English level is B2
I’m from Brazil
PIERRE Evenord : Good job dear teacher
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ZJ HK : Too easy .... The crown is not 3d
Kennedy Liswani : where can i buy a fake ROLEX?
kk g dybb : Every Rolex is a fake. It's an authentic money. If money is exchanged for something, a winding thing, then who is going to feel unkempt or stupid. The guy without one. So really it is an unfair barrier to living. If , and it is possible to provide a Rolex high end high cool level timepiece to all 6 billion earth people then there would not be much poverty. It's not hard to make more and more high end watches. They can crank them out by the trillions. There is just the potential for so much more than what we think we can own. As in the millionairesnwho you see walking up and down and around with a years belongings while some kids in the know ride scooters for a bit seems a wee amount stupid. Just like highly don't believe it that there could be.a lot more wealth put in people's hands. At the very least just give away more and more crypto. Something logical to stop telling people they have nothing, when reallybso.much character and ability and strength ,so on the cusp of being great , people should and can have so much more. If I'm the imf or Joe Biden I am just going to direct that every u s citiEn would get like five or ten role watch. Then everything would be good.
LEARSI KCIGAM : you’ll know it’s fake
Buonarotti10 : What about the accuracy of the fake?




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